Astronomiæ Instauratæ Mechanica

[Instruments for the Restoration of Astronomy]. Noribergæ: apud L. Hvlsivm, 1602. 107 unnumbered pages, illustrations, map, plans.

Tycho Brahe


  • [1] Præfatio (Preface)
  • [2] Ad generosum virum Tychonem Braheum. Oligerus Rosenkranzius ([Poem to Tycho Brahe by Holger Rosenkrantz])
  • [3] Quadrans minor orichalcicus inauratus (Small gilded brass quadrant)
  • [4] Quadrans mediocsis orichalcicus azimuthalis (Medium-sized brass azimuth quadrant)
  • [5] Quadrans alius orichalcicus etiam azimuthalis (Another brass azimuth quadrant)
  • [6] Sextans astronomicus (Astronomical sextant)
  • [7] Quadrans muralis sive Tichonicus (Mural or Tychonian quadrant)
  • [8] Quadrans volubilis azimuthalis (Revolving azimuth quadrant)
  • [9] Quadrans magnus chalibeus (Great steel quadrant)
  • [10] Semicirculus magnus azimuthalis (Great azimuth semicircle)
  • [11] Instrumentum parallacticum sive regularum (Parallatic or ruler-instrument)
  • [12] Parallacticum aliud (Another parallatic or ruler-instrument)
  • [13] Armillæ zodiacales (Zodiacal armillary instrument)
  • [14] Armillæ æquatoriæ (Equatorial armillary instrument)
  • [15] Armillæ aliæ æquatoriæ (Another equatorial armillary instrument)
  • [16] Armillæ æquatoriæ maximæ (Great equatorial armillary instrument)
  • [17] Arcus bipartitus minoribus siderum distantiis inferviens (Bipartite arc for measuring small angular distances of stars)
  • [18] Sextans astronomicus trigonicus (Triangular astronomical sextant)
  • [19] Sextans chalybeus pro ditatiis per unicum observatorem dimitiendus (Steel sextant for measuring distances by one observer)
  • [20] Aliud instrumentum simile priori (Another instrument like the previous one)
  • [21] Instrumentum eiusdem ut altitudibus capiendis inferviat dispositio (The same instrument set up to measure altitudes)
  • [22] Quadrans maximus (Great quadrant)
  • [23] Quadrans maximus chalibeus (Great steel quadrant)
  • [24] Hexametrum carmen, quod Franciscus Gansneb Tengnagel concinnavit (Poem by F.G. Tengnagel)
  • [25] De aliis quibusdam instrumentis nostris, quæ nondum exsculpta sunt, brevis indicatio (Brief description of certain other of our instruments, which are not illustrated)
  • [26] Globus magnus orichalcicus (Great brass globe)
  • [27] De iis quæ hactenus in astronomicis dei dono, exantlavimus, queque posthac eodem favente, exequenda restant (On that which we have accomplished thus far in astronomy with God's help, and on that which with his gracious aid has yet to be completed)
  • [28] Sequitur descriptum literarum (Accompanying transcribed letters)
  • [29] De architectonicis structuris astronomicis observationius accomodis (On architectonic structures suitable for astronomical observations)
  • [30] Delineationis arcis uranienburgi, quoad totam capaitatem explicatio (Explanation of the design of Uranienborg with all its premises)
  • [31] Orthographia præcipuæ domus arcis Uranienbugi in insula porthmi Danici Venusia vulgo Hvænna, astronomiæ instaurandæ gratia circa annum 1580 a Tychone Brahe exædificatæ (Design of the main building of Uranienborg on the island of Venusia, in Danish Hven, in the Danish Sound, built for the renewal of astronomy by Tycho Brahe about the year 1580)
  • [32] Orthographia stellæburgi extra arcem uraniæ siti (Design of stjerneborg, located outside uranienborg)
  • [33] Topographia insulæ venusiæ vulgo hvenna (Topography of the island of venusia, popularly called hven)
  • [34] Supplementum de subdivisione et dioptris instrumentorum (Addendum on the subdivisions and diopters of the instruments)
  • [35] Ad vere illustrem & generosum virum Tychonem Braheum ([Ode to Tycho Brahe])

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