The Complete Idiot's Guide to The Sun

The Complete Idiot's Guide to The Sun, by Jay M. Pasachoff. Alpha, a member of Penguin Group (USA) Inc. xviii, 350 p. : ill. ; 24 cm

Foreword and Introduction
coverpage Part 1: What the Sun Looks Like

Chapter 1 The Sun Shines on Us
Chapter 2 The Active Sun
Chapter 3 Seeing the Invisible
Chapter 4 The Sun Goes Up; the Sun Goes Down
Chapter 5 Our Sun: Looking Good

Part 3: Eclipses of the Sun

Chapter 11 Who Stole the Sun?
Chapter 12 Saros and Cycles
Chapter 13 Helium: Only on the Sun
Chapter 14 To the Ends of the Earth
Chapter 15 To Be in the Moon's Shadow
Chapter 16 Venus Tries to Cover Immodesty

Part 2: The Sun Through Time

Chapter 6 The Sun as a Star
Chapter 7 The Sun and Civilization
Chapter 8 The Birth of the Sun
Chapter 9 The Sun at the Center
Chapter 10 The Death of the Sun

Part 4: The Sun from Mountaintops

Chapter 17 High Above the Clouds
Chapter 18 Sunspot, New Mexico,
                   and the House of the Sun
Chapter 19 Canaries and the Big Dog
Chapter 20 Ringing Like a Bell

Part 5: The Sun from Space

Chapter 21 Above the Air Is Better
Chapter 22 Sunbeam
Chapter 23 Yo Ho, SOHO
Chapter 24 TRACEing Out the Loops
Chapter 25 Plunging into the Sun


Appendix A Glossary
Appendix B Solar Observatories
Appendix C Astronomy Clubs and Solar Interest Groups
Appendix D A Word on Temperature
Appendix E Selected Readings
Part 6: The Sun-Earth Connection

Chapter 26 Constancy, Thy Name Isn't the Sun
Chapter 27 Greenhouses of Salt
Chapter 28 The Forecast Today Is Flares

Copyright © 2003 Jay M. Pasachoff, Ph.D.
Made available electronically by the NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

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