Table of Contents

Foreword and Frontmatter
 King, E. A.
Condensation of chondrules1
 Blander, M.
Meteor ablation spherules as chondrule analogs10
 Brownlee, D. E., Bates, B. and Beauchamp, R. H.
Chemical state of pre-solar matter26
 Clayton, D. D.
Oxygen isotopic compositions of chondrules in Allende and ordinary chondrites37
 Clayton, R. N., Mayeda, T. K., Hutcheon, I. D., Molini-Velsko, C., Onuma, N., Ikeda, Y. and Olsen, E. J.
Crystallinity, recrystallization, equilibrium, and metamorphism in chondrites44
 Fredriksson, K.
Constraints on the heating and cooling processes of chondrule formation53
 Fujii, N. and Miyamoto, M.
Survey of chondrule average properties in H-, L-, and LL-group chondrites - Are chondrules the same in all unequilibrated ordinary chondrites?61
 Gooding, J. L.
The compositions of chondrules in unequilibrated chondrites An evaluation of models for the formation of chondrules and their precursor materials88
 Grossman, J. N. and Wasson, J. T.
Dynamic crystallization experiments as constraints on chondrule genesis122
 Hewins, R. H.
Conditions of early chemical processing of matter - Explosive exhalations of supernovae134
 Heymann, D.
On the alteration of Allende chondrules and the formation of matrix145
 Housley, R. M. and Cirlin, E. H.
Conditions and time of chondrule accretion162
 Hutchison, R. and Bevan, A. W. R.
Reduction, partial evaporation, and spattering - Possible chemical and physical processes in fluid drop chondrule formation180
 King, E. A.
Chondrule formation by impact? The cooling rate188
 Kluger, F., Weinke, H. H. and Kiesl, W.
Ferromagnesian chondrules in carbonaceous chondrites195
 MCSween, H. Y., Jr., Fronabarger, A. K. and Driese, S. G.
Chondrules formed through incomplete melting of the pre-existing mineral clusters and the origin of chondrules211
 Nagahara, H.
SiO_2-bearing Chondrules in the Murchison (C2) meteorite223
 Olsen, Edward J.
Phase separation in a chondrule fragment from the Piancaldoli (LL3) chondrite235
 Planner, H. N.
Can chondrules form from a gas of solar composition?243
 Suess, Hans E. and Thompson, William B.
Radiometric ages of chondrules246
 Swindle, T. D., Caffee, M. W. and Hohenberg, C. M.
Cosmic setting for chondrule formation262
 Taylor, G. J., Scott, E. R. D. and Keil, K.
Experimental investigation of electrical discharge formation of chondrules279
 Wdowiak, T. J.
Aggregation of grains in a turbulent pre-solar disk284
 Wieneke, B. and Clayton, D. D.
Composition of chondrules, fragments and matrix in the unequilibrated ordinary chondrites tieschitz and sharps296
 Wlotzka, F.
Morphological features of pore spaces in chondrules319
 Zbik, M. and Lang, B.
 Taylor, Debbie and King, Elbert