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Handbook of Space Astronomy and Astrophysics

Martin V. Zombeck's Handbook of Space Astronomy & Astrophysics, 2nd edition is on-line at no cost. Published by Cambridge University Press, this handbook has become an essential reference for space astronomy and astrophysics. The complete 2nd edition (Copyright Cambridge University Press, 1982, 1990) is now available at your electronic desktop.

A 3rd edition of the Handbook of Space Astronomy & Astrophysics has been published. Fully updated, enlarged (nearly double the number of pages of the Second Edition) and including data from space-based observations, this 3rd edition is a comprehensive compilation of the facts and figures relevant to astronomy and astrophysics. As well as a vast number of tables, graphs, diagrams and formulae it also includes a comprehensive index and bibliography, allowing readers to easily find the information they require. Click here for more information about the soft cover version.

Third Edition
by Martin V. Zombeck

On-line Version of the 2nd Edition

Note: All chapters now have links to related WWW resources containing extensive tabulations, images, interactive programs, etc.. Look for the link at the top of the table of contents for the given chapter.

Citation form: Zombeck, M. V., Handbook of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.