Table of Contents

Remarks on the Lunar Base7
 Beggs, James M.
The Challenges and Opportunities of a New Era in Space: How Will We Respond?11
 Keyworth, G. A., Ii
In Space: One World United15
 Hickel, Walter J.
An opportunity for Openness21
 Kantrowitz, Arthur
Thoughts on a Lunar Base25
 Teller, Edward
Lunar Bases: A Post-Apollo Evaluation35
 Lowman, Paul D., Jr.
Evolution of Concepts for Lunar Bases47
 Johnson, Stewart W. & Leonard, Ray S.
Strategies for a Permanent Lunar Base57
 Duke, Michael B., Mendell, Wendell W. & Roberts, Barney B.
Preliminary Design of a Permanently Manned Lunar Surface Research Base69
 Hoffman, Stephen J. & Niehoff, John C.
Merits of A Lunar Polar Base Location77
 Burke, James D.
Nuclear Energy-Key to Lunar Development85
 Buden, David & Angelo, Joseph A., Jr.
Nuclear Powerplants for Lunar Bases99
 French, J. R.
Mission and Operations Modes for Lunar Basing111
 Woodcock, Gordon R.
Impact of Lunar and Planetary Missions on the Space Station125
 Babb, G. R., Davis, H. P., Phillips, P. G. & Stump, W. R.
A Moon Base/Mars Base Transportation Depot141
 Keaton, Paul W.
Achromatic Trajectories and the Industrial-Scale Transport of Lunar Resources155
 Heppenheimer, T. A.
A Lunar-Based Propulsion System169
 Rosenberg, Sanders D.
Launching Rockets and Small Satellites from the Lunar Surface177
 Anderson, K. A., Dougherty, W. M. & Pankow, D. H.
The need for a lunar base - Answering basic questions about planetary science189
 Taylor, G. J.
Geochemical and petrological sampling and studies at the first moon base199
 Haskin, L. A., Korotev, R. L., Lindstrom, D. J. & Lindstrom, M. M.
A Closer Look at Lunar Volcanism from a Base on the Moon211
 Vaniman, D. T., Heiken, G. & Taylor, G. J.
Advanced geologic exploration supported by a lunar base - A traverse across the Imbrium-Procellarum region of the moon223
 Cintala, M. J., Spudis, P. D. & Hawke, B. R.
Search for volatiles and geologic activity from a lunar base239
 Friesen, L. J.
Unmanned spaceflights needed as scientific preparation for a manned lunar base245
 Wilhelms, D. E.
The next generation geophysical investigation of the moon253
 Hood, L. L., Sonett, C. P. & Rusell, C. T.
Geophysics and lunar resources265
 Strangway, D.
Surface Electromagnetic Exploration Geophysics Applied to the Moon271
 Ander, Mark E.
Astronomical interferometry on the moon281
 Burke, B. F.
A moon-earth radio interferometer293
 Burns, J. O.
A very low frequency radio astronomy observatory on the moon301
 Douglas, J. N. & Smith, H. J.
Lunar based gamma ray astronomy307
 Haymes, R. C.
Irradiation of the moon by galactic cosmic rays and other particles315
 Adams, J. H., Jr. & Shapiro, M. M.
Celestial sources of high-energy neutrinos as viewed from a lunar observatory329
 Shapiro, M. M. & Silberberg, R.
A lunar neutrino detector335
 Cherry, M. & Lande, K.
Neutrino Measurements on the Moon345
 Petschek, Albert G.
Mass extinctions and cosmic collisions - A lunar test349
 Horz, F.
Lunar Base Design363
 Land, Peter
A Surface-Assembled Superstructure Envelope System to Support Regolith Mass- Shielding for an Initial-Operational-Capability Lunar Base375
 Kaplicky, Jan & Nixon, David
Concrete for Lunar Base Construction381
 Lin, T. D.
Concrete and Other Cement-Based Composites for Lunar Base Construction391
 Young, J. Francis
Magma, Ceramic, and Fused Adobe Structures Generated In-Situ399
 Khalili, E. Nader
Lava tubes - Potential shelters for habitats405
 Horz, F.
Design of Lunar-Based Facilities: The Challenge of a Lunar Observatory413
 Johnson, Stewart W. & Leonard, Ray S.
Environmental Considerations and Waste Planning on the Lunar Surface423
 Briggs, Randall & Sacco, Albert, Jr.
Toward a Spartan Scenario for Use of Lunar Materials435
 Haskin, Larry A.
Mining for Lunar Base Support445
 Podnieks, E. R. & Roepke, W. W.
Electrostatic Concentration of Lunar Soil Minerals453
 Agosto, William N.
In Situ Rock Melting Applied to Lunar Base Construction and for Exploration Drilling and Coring on the Moon465
 Rowley, John C. & Neudecker, Joseph W.
Microwave Processing of Lunar Materials: Potential Applications479
 Meek, Thomas T., Vaniman, David T., Cocks, Franklin H. & Wright, Robin A.
Mechanical Properties of Lunar Materials Under Anhydrous, Hard Vacuum Conditions: Applications of Lunar Glass Structural Components487
 Blacic, James D.
Guide to using lunar soil and simulants for experimentation497
 Allton, J. H., Galindo, C., Jr. & Watts, L. A.
Fractional Distillation in a Lunar Environment507
 Pettit, Donald R.
Lunar Machining519
 Lewis, William
A Parametric Analysis of Lunar Oxygen Production531
 Simon, Michael C.
Lunar Oxygen Production from Ilmenite543
 Gibson, Michael A. & Knudsen, Christian W.
Oxygen Extraction from Lunar Materials: An Experimental Test of an Ilmenite Reduction Process551
 Williams, Richard J.
A Carbothermal Scheme for Lunar Oxygen Production559
 Cutler, Andrew Hall & Krag, Peter
Lunar regolith fines - A source of hydrogen571
 Carter, J. L.
Hydrogen Recovery From Extraterrestrial Materials Using Microwave Energy583
 Tucker, D. S., Vaniman, D. T., Anderson, J. L., Clinard, F. W., Feber, R. C., Jr., Frost, H. M., Meek, T. T., Jr. & Wallace, T. C.
Microbial Extraction of Hydrogen from Lunar Dust591
 White, David C. & Hirsch, Peter
Hydrogen and Water Desorption on the Moon: Approximate On-Line Simulations603
 Blanford, G. E., Borgesen, P., Maurette, M., Moller, W. & Monart, B.
An Analysis of Alternate Hydrogen Sources for Lunar Manufacture611
 Friedlander, Herbert N.
The Evolution of CELSS for Lunar Bases623
 Macelroy, R. D., Klein, Harold P. & Averner, M. M.
Wheat Farming in a Lunar Base635
 Salisbury, Frank B. & Bugbee, Bruce G.
Metabolic Support for a Lunar Base647
 Sauer, R. L.
Implementing Supercritical Water Oxidation Technology in a Lunar Base Environmental Control/Life Support System653
 Sedej, Melaine Meyer
Radiation Transport of Cosmic Ray Nuclei in Lunar Material and Radiation Doses663
 Silberberg, R., Tsao, C. H., Adams, J. H., Jr. & Letaw, John R.
Aerosol Deposition Along the Respiratory Tract at Zero Gravity: A Theoretical Study671
 Lehnert, B. E., Smith, D. M., Holland, L. M., Tillery, M. I. & Thomas, R. G.
Toward the Development of a Recombinant DNA Assay System for the Detection of Genetic Change in Astronauts' Cells679
 Atchley, Susan V., Chen, David J.-C., Strniste, Gary F., Walters, Ronald A. & Moyzis, Robert K.
Flow Cytometry for Health Monitoring in Space687
 Jett, James H., Martin, John C., Saunders, George C. & Stewart, Carleton C.
Dreams and Realities: The Future in Space701
 Logsdon, John
The Budgetary Feasibility of a Lunar Base711
 Sellers, Wallace O. & Keaton, Paul W.
Lunar Stations: Prospects for International Cooperation717
 Smith, Phillip M.
Soviet lunar exploration - Past and future725
 Oberg, J. E.
Legal Responses for Lunar Bases and Space Activities in the 21st Century735
 Moore, Amanda Lee
Extraterrestrial Law and Lunar Bases: General Legal Principles and a Particular Regime Proposal (INTERLUNE)741
 Joyner, Christopher C. & Schmitt, Harrison H.
Lunar Base: Learning to Live in Space751
 Finney, Ben
Lessons from the Past: Toward a Long-Term Space Policy757
 Lawler, Andrew
Historical Perspectives on the Moon Base-Cook and Australia765
 Jones, Eric M. & Finney, Ben R.
Space Poems: Close Encounters Between the Lyric Imagination and 25 Years of NASA Space Exploration771
 Knox, Helene
A Millennium Project-Mars 2000787
 Schmitt, Harrison H.
Mars: The Next Major Goal?795
 King, Elbert A.
Rationales for Early Human Missions to Phobos and Deimos801
 O'Leary, Brian
The Moons of Mars: A Source of Water for Lunar Bases and LEO809
 Cordell, Bruce M.
The problem of water on Mars817
 Squyres, S. W.
Lunar Industrialization and Settlement-Birth of Polyglobal Civilization827
 Ehricke, Krafft A.
EPILOGUE: Address Given at The centennial Celebration, 4 July 2076, By Leonard Vincennes, Official Historian of Luna City857
 Bova, Ben