Table of Contents

Frontmatter and Preface
 Hartmann, W. K., Phillips, R. J. & Taylor, G. J.
I. History
Early history of selenogony · REVIEW PAPER 3
 Brush, Stephen G.
Moon over Mauna Loa - A review of hypotheses of formation of earth's moon · REVIEW PAPER 17
 Wood, John A.
II. Dynamical Constraints
Dynamical constraints on the origin of the moon · REVIEW PAPER 59
 Boss, A. P. & Peale, S. J.
III. Geochemical Constraints
Is lunar bulk material similar to earth's mantle? · REVIEW PAPER 105
 Drake, Michael J.
The origin of the moon - Geochemical considerations125
 Taylor, Stuart Ross
Nebular chemistry and theories of lunar origin145
 Larimer, John W.
Petrologic constraints on the origin of the Moon173
 Shervais, John W. & Taylor, Lawrence A.
Constraints on the origin of the Moon from the abundance of molybdenum and other siderophile elements203
 Newsom, Horton E.
Abundances of cobalt, nickel, and volatiles in the silicate portion of the moon231
 Delano, John W.
Nickel-cobalt abundance systematics and their bearing on lunar origin249
 Ringwood, A. E. & Seifert, Stefan
The bulk-Moon MgO/FeO ratio: A highlands perspective279
 Warren, Paul H.
Implications of isotope data for the origin of the moon311
 Turcotte, D. L. & Kellogg, L. H.
I-Pu-Xe dating and the relative ages of the earth and moon331
 Swindle, T. D., Caffee, M. W., Hohenberg, C. M. & Taylor, S. R.
IV. Geophysical Constraints
Geophysical constraints on the lunar interior · REVIEW PAPER 361
 Hood, L. L.
Lunar paleointensities via the IRMs normalization method and the early magnetic history of the moon411
 Cisowski, S. M. & Fuller, M.
The initial thermal state of the Moon425
 Binder, Alan B.
On the early thermal state of the moon435
 Solomon, Sean C.
Origin of the moon and its early thermal evolution453
 Matsui, Takafumi & Abe, Yutaka
V. Theories and Processes of Origin 1:
Lunar Formation Involving Capture or Fission
Origin of the moon by capture471
 Singer, S. Fred
Numerical simulations of fission487
 Durisen, Richard H. & Gingold, Robert A.
The binary fission origin of the moon499
 Binder, Alan B.
VI. Theories and Processes of Origin 2:
Considerations Involving Large Bodies in the Environment of Primordial Earth, anc Chances for Close Approaches or Impacts
Accumulation of the terrestrial planets and implications concerning lunar origin519
 Wetherill, G. W.
Giant impactors - Plausible sizes and populations551
 Hartmann, William K. & Vail, S. M.
Mechanical models of close approaches and collisions of large protoplanets567
 Kaula, W. M. & Beachey, A. E.
VII. Theories and Processes of Origin 3:
Lunar Formation Triggered by Large Impact
Moon origin - The impact-trigger hypothesis579
 Hartmann, William K.
The impact theory for origin of the Moon609
 Cameron, A. G. W.
Short note: Snapshots from a three-dimensional modeling of a giant impact617
 Benz, W., Slattery, W. L. & Cameron, A. G. W.
When worlds collide - Jetted vapor plumes and the moon's origin621
 Melosh, H. J. & Sonett, C. P.
Short note: A preliminary numerical study of colliding planets643
 Kipp, M. E. & Melosh, H. J.
Geochemical evidence for the formation of the Moon by impact-induced fission of the proto-Earth649
 Wanke, H. & Dreibus, G.
Composition and origin of the moon673
 Ringwood, A. E.
VIII. Theories and Processes of Origin 4:
Models Emphasizing Coaccretion or Evolution of a Circumterrestrial Swarm, of Whatever Origin
Formation and evolution of a circumterrestrial disk Constraints on the origin of the moon in geocentric orbit701
 Herbert, Floyd, Davis, Donald R. & Weidenschilling, Stuart J.
Origin of the moon from a circumterrestrial disk731
 Weidenschilling, S. J., Greenberg, R., Chapman, C. R., Davis, D. R. & Hartmann, W. K.
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Author Index781