Journal issues needed by ADS

The ADS is looking for donations of the following publications for scanning or for rescanning of color/gray scale images.

journal name vol/issue pub date
The Astronomer v. 21 #241 and #247 (May and November)
v. 32 #384 (April)
v. 33 #388 (August)
v. 35 #412 and #413 (August and September)

We are also looking for volumes of the International Cosmic Ray Conference series.

We will accept both bound and unbound good-quality copies of any of the above volumes, giving preference to unbound ones when available. In order for us to create electronic versions of these journals, we send the volumes to a scanning company that cuts the spines during the digitization process. Even though rebinding of the material may be possible, we usually dispose of the journals after scanning but can ask for them to be returned to the donor if necessary. Once digitized and processed, these journals become available to anybody in the world for browsing and printing from our Web site.

Given the non-commercial nature of our project, we especially appreciate donations from people who are able to pay for any shipping charges involved. While we are not allowed to send out self-addressed, prepaid shipping labels to send journals to us, it is possible for us to cover modest shipping charges if absolutely necessary using the following procedure: once an agreement on the shipping cost and terms has been reached between us and the sender and the package has been shipped, the sender can invoice ADS for the shipping charges, and we will request that a check be issued to cover these charges. Usually such refunds take approximately one month to be processed.

If you have any material to offer, please contact:

Donna Thompson
NASA Astrophysics Data System
60 Garden Street, M.S. 83
Cambridge, MA 02138 USA
+1 617-496-7660

Last updated: June 23, 2017