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Problems and Troubleshooting

1. LaTeX can't find some files

Check you environment variable set up, or make sure the right files are in the directory with your document (see section Installation).

2. nat2jour.pl produces strange results

Look at the diagnostic output from LaTeX or the log files. Make sure the bst file it is including is coming from the correct directory (other packages such as astrobib also have a file called apj.bst, and this may be lurking somewhere on your system; make sure it doesn't get found first). The items in your input bbl file should conform exactly to extended natbib style (see section Generating a Copy for Electronic Submission).

3. Some references or citations look wrong

This maybe a bug, but I have tested the common ones listed on the journal web-pages so you might be doing something exotic. Anyway, when was the last time someone submitted a paper with a perfect bibliography? :) Check your bib file for spurious entries. Also check the instructions for authors (ApJ or MNRAS) to see that it really is wrong. Then you can send a bug report to jbaker@draco.berkeley.edu; include the entry from the bib file and the result in the bbl file (and tex file, for a citation problem). You can do the formatting by hand by using a @Misc entry. Note that lettering will not work if some the last names in the bib file are not punctuated consistently (e.g., some have extra braces as in ADS style and others don't).

4. BibTeX gives warnings about entries

It can be somewhat persnickety about what fields are allowed for a certain type of entry. Make sure you're not using spurious ones.

5. Abbreviations used for a reference (like JEB98) aren't added to the \bibitem's

No, they're not. :) You can usually get the effect by using a "note" field in your bib entry.

6. LaTeX crashes with mn.sty

There are two lines which cause trouble; use mn-nat.sty (in the mn subdirectory) instead (see section MNRAS style).

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